Yoga asanas for weight loss

About Yoga asanas for weight loss

Using Yoga asanas for weight loss has considerable advantages to traditional fitness weight loss programs.  Yoga helps you to burn calories while you tone your muscles, increase your flexibility, improve your posture and enhance your mental wellbeing. There are not many fitness programs which offer the same package of benefits like Yoga.

Yoga does not put any pressure on your joints (which you would get for example in running), and is more natural way of burning calories. Yoga is associated with mediation and students reported feeling of happiness and relaxation after the class, so it is an enjoyable way of loosing weight. Yoga workout regime requires minimum equipment – to start with all you need is a mat – and it is suitable even for people who have no experience with Yoga.

Top Yoga asanas for weight loss

Yoga Warrior One Pose


Yoga Warrior Two Pose


Yoga Reverse Warrior Pose


Yoga Warrior Three Pose


Yoga Crescent Pose

Recommended Yoga DVDs – Yoga asanas for weight loss:

Yoga workout DVD - weight loss

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Yoga weight loss for beginners

This DVD is perfect for beginners looking to loose some weight. It contains a variety of routines ranging from 15 to 60 minutes to get you toned and feeling great. This easy to use system allows you to find the routine that works for you and includes a bonus – more challenging routine for those who already got familiar with beginners Yoga.



Yoga workout DVD - conditioning for weight loss

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Yoga conditioning for weight loss

The Yoga conditioning workout on this DVD is presented in five different ways, so you can choose the program depending on the length and difficulty. The four modifications of the basic workout each focus on a different instructor, and the instructor explains the specific moves for each level, giving you an option for more detailed explanation of each of these poses depending on the level you are watching.




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