Pilates socks

Pilates socks

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About Pilates socks

Pilates socks are a relative newbie in Pilates clothing. Normally Pilates poses should be performed without wearing any socks, but if you are like me and suffer from cold feet (or your feet sweat during exercise) getting a pair of Pilates socks is a good investment.

Pilates socks are specifically designed for Pilates (but often used also in Yoga) and have several features which will make your workout easier and more enjoyable. To find out more about suitable Pilates clothing, please read the post here.

Pilates socks: Main features

1. Non-slip surface – Pilates socks have a sole with rubber elements which prevents you from slipping and gives your body more control and stability during your workout.

2. Organic materials – the socks are made from organic materials that work well with your body, allowing your skin to breathe during exercise. They are machine washable and very durable.

3. Hygienic – if you are exercising on a mat, your hands sometimes land in the same spot where you had your feet. Wearing socks will ensure your mat stays dirt free and your feet will be cleaner without any unpleasant odours.

Pilates socks: Where to buy them?

As I mentioned above the socks are still a relative newbie, so you are likely to find them only in bigger specialized Pilates or Yoga stores. Save your time and buy them online. All of the products are made to high standards, are very durable and there is always the option to return them or exchange if you are not 100% satisfied.

Pilates socks – my recommendations:

Pilates toe socks

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Pilates toe socks

These socks are an innovative alternative to athletic socks. The separation provides your toes with more freedom which increase their flexibility and strengthen the muscles in the foot. The socks feature a seamless design, non slip sole specially designed for Pilates, a fitted heel and an arch support strip.



Pilates organic nonslip socks

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Traction organic non-slip Pilates socks

These socks come in a bulk buy of three, so you will be saving money with this purchase. They are made from organic cotton and have a reinforced and cushioned heel and toe.

In addition to using these Pilates socks in your Pilates classes, they can be used as both comfy and a secure alternative to ordinary socks or slippers.


Pilates socks - half toe

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Half toe Pilates socks

Socks featuring five-toe design to let your toes separated during the exercise which will provide you with more flexibility and strength. The non-slip sole ensures that your movement will be slip free. Made from organic cotton, socks are the best hygienic altenative to bare feet.




Pilates socks

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